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Election Blogging

Posted by That Other Mike on 06/05/2011

A few points:

  • The LibDems got absolutely slaughtered at the polls, with their worst result ever. I’d be stunned if Clegg is still leader inside a year.
  • The SNP have a majority at Holyrood; expect plenty of calls for a referendum on independence
  • So far as of 17:30 GMT, all declared votes against AV, but only a tiny amount. I’ll be surprised if we see a Yes win; it was undersold, the govt was against it, and the No campaign basically lied all the way through.
  • Bill Cash is being an idiot:

    Combative stuff from Conservative MP Bill Cash. He tells Sky News people have voted with a “capital C for the Conservatives and not the coalition”. He says the Lib Dems are now “so unpopular” they don’t “have the right” to object to Conservative policies behind the scenes. He says they have “lost all authority and all legitimacy in insisting they have their way”.

    See what happens to your authority and legitimacy if they pull out of the coalition, Bill.


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