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An Ocean Swimming With Pollution

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/05/2011

John Caruso, while blogging

Stupid emogressives are stupid:

Shorter Enrico Pallazzo John Caruso, Dirty Ocean Hippies, By Their Deeds
Say what you like about Osama bin Laden, at least the guy had principles! My post which celebrates a mass murdering terrorist as a man of principle just to take cheap pot shots at Obama should not be seen as admiring that mass murdering terrorist, though. Did I mention that Obama sucks and is just like Bush?

What I don’t understand, John, is how you can post stuff like this and then kvetch about not being taken seriously; do you not have even one iota of self-awareness?

Your constant attempts to troll the Democrats are why they don’t pay attention to you, silly boy. The fact that everything you say is self-evidently butthurt whining about how you didn’t get a magic sparkle pony public option which wasn’t ever going to pass is secondary, but still telling, as is the fatuous Bush comparison.

(Hat tip to Mrs Polly at RumpRoast)


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