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Wingnut Taxation Frenzy

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/05/2011

Don Surber relaxing at his newly-remodelled home, with unidentified male companion

Shorter Don Bob Surber, The Daily Fail, Taxing Free Speech:
ZOMG! The IRS is enforcing tax law! I just know that this is a dastardly plot by Obama to silence Republicans! Aiiieeeeee! Tyranny!!!

Yeah, well, what else can you expect from Don Surber? I guess he missed the part where Ben Smith says that Democrats will also be on the hook for it, which counts as dangerously accurate reporting for so-committed a Republican water carrier as him.

I notice also that Don Bob compares the IRS to the Mafia; this seems to be de rigeur for wingnuts, tax protestors and other kinds of intelligence-impaired people, and prompts me to coin the following, which in humility I will call Mike’s Law of Wingnut Tax Paranoia:

In any discussion or open venue involving a right-winger talking about the IRS, the probability that the right-winger will refer to the IRS as a criminal organisation rises to one.

Don Bob, you’re a fear-mongering, drooling, foolish man, and everyone else’s lives would unimaginably enriched if you were to just shut up and live in a cave somewhere, you ridiculous excuse for a political commentator.


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