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The Epitome of Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 31/05/2011

Everything the Fellowship of "Minds" believes in one handy sign. .


Shorter Eowyn, Fellowship of Fuckwits, Obama Hires New Minister of Propaganda:
ZOMG! Obama has someone on his staff whose job is to respond to negative news stories! Although every President for the last century has tried to maintain a positive image in the media, it’s completely different with Obama for some reason (although it’s totally not racial, honest!), which absolutely justifes my spurious Nazi comparisons!

That place is pretty vile – dubious articles by moronic right-wing nutjobs espousing as much extremism as they can get away with, birtherism, Beckism, and generalised racism and bigotry towards anyone who’s not a White, Christian Fundamentalist.

In short, teabaggers.


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