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Girl digs up 160 million-year-old fossil using plastic spade

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/09/2011

Girl, six, digs up 160million-year-old fossil using plastic spade –
LITTLE Emily Baldry beams with pride as she poses with a 160million-year-old fossil she dug up using a seaside spade.
The six-year-old unearthed the 130lb, 40cm ammonite after accompanying her father Jon on an archeological trip to Cotswold Water Park, Glos, last year. Now it has been carefully restored by experts and is to go on show at a local visitors’ centre.

The fossil is officially known as a Rieneckia odysseus – but Emily, of Chippenham, Wilts, has affectionately dubbed it Spike.

She says: “I took him to school and all my friends think he’s great.” Dad Jon, 40, said: “It’s an amazing find.”

Pretty cool.

Via PZ.


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