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Stupid Wingnuts Are Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/09/2011

The "Godfather", hard at work blogging and being all scary and cool and stuff.

Seriously, don’t these people ever get tired of being wrong?

The analysis of the law in question at the link is meretricious at best (although more likely mendacious), and is founded on a completely false premise; the church is being referred to the IRS not because it is a church, but because it is a non-profit organisation which is not allowed to engage in political campaigning on behalf of or against particular political candidates.

The church in question, Bellevue Baptist Church, is not simply linking to a particular website, as the cretinous “Godfather”1 (or, as I like to call him, Timmy)would have you believe.

They are actively intent on influencing votes towards particular candidates — candidates who share the same bigotry as they do, namely, candidates who would vote against a proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance2, now withdrawn, that would protect people from discrimination in the workplace based on sexual identity or gender expression. That, dear reader, is directly and obviously against the letter of the law, which prevents 501(3)(c) organisations from “directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office”.

If the church wants to get involved in politics, all they have to do is give up their non-profit status, and they can start recommending any candidates they like. As it stands, however, 501(3)(c) organisations —most of which, by the way, are not churches— are tax exempt because their activities are supposed to be applied in a non-partisan manner for the good of the public, whether because they provide charitable services, support to important community institutions (such as “Friends of X” societies), or community focal points such as churches.

However, as we’ve all seen time and again, the public good is not something that wingnuts like the “Godfather” are especially interested in, unless it’s a particular section of the public they happen to belong to or feel sympathy for; to them, the public good ends at the tips of their noses.

As it stands, the church’s violation of the law is moot — the ENDO has been withdrawn at this time, following disruptive and childish tactics by certain members of the Memphis City Council and the withdrawal of a campaign promise by the mayor to support it. In short, Memphis is being run by juvenile arseholes, which may explain why the “Godfather” is a fan.

Similarly, his analysis of the First Amendment is so childishly cretinous that I wonder whether he is ever allowed out of the house in long trousers; if he is, it’s only to walk to the short bus. It essentially boils down to “The First Amendment means churches can do anything they like, nyah, nyah, nyah!”, which is so incredibly stupid on its face that one scarcely needs to make any further argument; nonetheless, there is a vast swathe of case law relating to the First Amendment which says otherwise. If I didn’t know better from bitter experience with all kinds of wingnuts, I’d be tempted to call it a Poe and think he’s trolling his audience; sadly, however, he is entirely typical of the kind of Know-Nothing behaviour endemic among the modern American Right.

One of the most relevant cases is Reynolds v. United States, in which the court held that Congress was empowered to outlaw polygamy in the Utah Territory because while the First Amendment protects freedom of religious belief, this does not as a consequence protect all religious activity, the example of a necessary prohibition being one against human sacrifice; under Timmy’s ridiculous analysis, a sincerely-held belief that your god requires a dead body every couple of weeks would be safe from prohibition.

Even under the more expansive compelling interest interpretation later developed by the Court, his views on the 1st Amendment border on serious head injury territory, rivalling birtherism for idiocy.

All of that was by way of saying something to Timmy and his ilk: your views are transparently self-serving, ignorant, dull, and stupid, and if you could count higher than ten without taking your shoes off, I’d be very surprised. Luckily, you’ll be too busy engaging in mental masturbation over whatever COMMIE PLOT TO DESTROY AMURRICA you’ve been told to froth about by Rush this week to ever get off your cretinous behind and away from your magic writin box. Go fuck yourself, you walking piece of excrement.

1 *Snort* The “Godfather”? Ooh, how scary and cool. I bet he’s about 14. ITG alert, anyway.
2 Funny how the Christian website that the “Godfather” links to frames an ordinance for equal rights in employment as some kind of “special treatment”. It’s almost like those fags think they’re human beings or something. The nerve!


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