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Meanwhile, in Wingnutopia…

Posted by That Other Mike on 04/10/2011

this is apparently what passes for a valid argument about the separation of church and state. Go ahead, read it; it’s not terribly long, or terribly hard to understand. Nor is it terribly well-argued – or indeed argued at all, other than via the equivalent of the numpty blogger sticking his fingers in his ears and screeching “Nyah nyah nyah I’m right because I say so leave me alone I CAN’T HEAR YOOOOOOOOOUUU!”.

A few points to consider:

  1. Preambles are essentially non-operative introductions – in other words, they don’t mean shit about the separation of church and state.
  2. The Supremacy Clause; if Federal law, the Constitution and case law say there is separation of church and state, there is. Need I say more? I think not, other than go suck it, wingnuts.
  3. Finally, the idiot who wrote it tries to be clever, by saying that nowhere is Christian belief mandated, and promptly faceplants on the cold hard pavement of logic. If there is no mandate to impose Christianity, and Christianity is nowhere mentioned in the documents themselves, you have a constitution which is entirely secular in its operative parts; in other words, separation of church and state.

To summarise, Twilight’s Last Gleaming is run and read by people who couldn’t think their collective way out of a wet paperback with a map and a pair of scissors.


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