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Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more cretinous…

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/10/2011

Outhouse and Hindrocket surprise us yet again, with some more idiocy.

The always-stupid Hindrocket posts a video from the wingnut Emergency Committee for Israel which shows all of three people displaying anti-Semitic views, which Althouse seizes upon with her usual moronic disregard for facts, context, or ethical standards; if any further proof were needed that Althouse is a shitty excuse for a blogger, she links approvingly to Powerline, thus triggering Mike’s Second Law:

The thinking of anyone who takes Jim Hoft even slightly seriously can be disregarded without any further explanation

Jim Hoft, as usual, does his nyahnyahnyah dance, attempting to downplay the pervasive and inescapable evidence of Tea Party racism by the good old dodge of “Nuh-uh, they do it too!”

The long and the short of it is that any large group will contain cretins and bigots; the real measure, however, is whether said cretins and bigots constitute a majority or a powerful influence. It’s pretty clear that a small handful of people of people cherrypicked for shock value doesn’t meet that measure; it’s equally clear that the Tea Party movement is not only tinged with racism, but wallowing in it.

The fact that Althouse, Hindrocket, Hoft, et al are attempting to create an anti-Semitism meme to attach to Occupy Wall Street pretty clearly delineates where their priorities lie, as if we didn’t know already – protect the white supremacist Teabaggers, protect the rich from having to pay their fair share, and let the bankers shit all over the poor and the middle class while they pick America’s pocket.


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