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Gaddafi Dead

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/10/2011

Muammar Gaddafi has been captured and executed by the Libyan rebels.

While my reflex is to automatically condemn any execution, judicial or otherwise, as in this case, I can’t say it’s a surprise. That insane old dictator held his people in a tyrannical grip for far too long to ever walk away if they got the upper hand, and they did.

Here’s hoping the Libyan revolution now resolves itself without collapsing into a civil war – the National Transitional Council (aka the de facto government of the rebel forces) has issued a declaration aiming at transitioning the country to a constitutional democracy, and seems to have added limitations to its own ability to take charge beyond a specific period, so the prospects at the moment look fairly good for Libya right now, but only time will tell.

In other news, I recently had food poisoning and vomited six or seven times in one night, which seems to have screwed up my vocal cords in some way – I now sound like Whispering Bob Harris with a cold.


One Response to “Gaddafi Dead”

  1. US Predator drone fired a “hellfire” missile at convoy carrying Gaddafi, who was then captured by anti Gaddafi forces. Gaddafi who was captured alive, should have been treated as prisoner of war and put on trial. But Gaddafi was indeed killed in the back of a truck. Killing of Gaddafi really raise some questions about the command and discipline of the anti- Gaddafi forces and what Libya is going to be like in future under the control of anti- Gaddafi forces.
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

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