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OK, so I knew they were crazy…

Posted by That Other Mike on 29/11/2011

but it seems that fans of denying GLBT civil rights have actually gone off the deep end. There’s crazy, and then there’s full on crazypants. Crazy like wearing a hat full of syrup and claiming to be god king of the mighty squirrel army.

Yeah, that crazy.

Via Joe.My.God, we find that the Center for Marriage Policy (… whose foundational principles seem to be equivalent to “Screw you, faggots and sluts!”), we learn that according to David R. Usher, gay marriage is un-Constitutional because feminist lesbians. Or something. He’s not a terribly good writer, and he doesn’t make much of a case beyond “Because I said so!” and “Watch me burn this strawman!”.

Exactly what makes Usher more qualified and correct on this subject than anyone else seems to be that he reads a lot and thinks a lot. Of himself, mainly.

Not only does he apparently believe this bucket of pants on the head and pencils up the nose, he is also shouting wibble for all he is worth – his other assertions include the idea (despite you know, all the evidence to the contrary) that gay marriage hurts the economy and destroys countries while leaving buildings intact, like the social policy equivalent of a neutron bomb.

See what I mean? Full bore crazy. As far as Usher is concerned, his insanity goes up to 11.


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