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Not just ignorant and bigoted, but proud of it

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/12/2011

The modern American Right – not just ignorant and bigoted, but proud of it. Essentially, right-wingers in the USA have elevated ignorance, stupidity and cupidity to the highest value. Given that fact, it’s no wonder that they feel no shame whatsoever in posting this kind of crap.

There is no understanding of First Amendment scholarship or case law there, only a lot of in-my-gut-I-know-it’s-true, a lot of truthiness, and, to be blunt, a lot of idiocy. There is also little to no evidence of an understanding of common humanity; ironic, given the poster’s pretence at being Christian, that he would disregard the precepts of good will to all in favour of repugnant and juvenile Nazi comparisons. If this is the best that the modern Right can come up with, the Left has nothing to worry about.

I’m not going to rehash every single way that the Underground Conservative is wrong –it’s established law and well-known that government entities are prohibited from having religiously partisan and sectarian displays at any time of year, whatever the ignorant may say about it– and it would be a waste of time, in any case; the poster is not interested in a dialogue, after all, only in scoring cheap political points by waving his flag of stupidity.

The Underground Conservative would do best to live up to his name – underground is where most of the creepy-crawlies live, after all, and he fits right in there.

ETA: Oh, look – he’s trying to be insulting. How cute, he thinks that’s going to be insulting!

Unless… Well, let’s think about it. The Underground Conservative, who I will be calling Peter from now on (as that’s his name) does live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and it is kind of rural near there. Could it be that he thinks he’s being helpful? Could it be that Peter DiGaudio actually likes sheep and thinks he’s making a useful contribution?

Petey, while it’s nice that you’re trying to be a productive member of the community for a change (because your coaching obviously doesn’t qualify), I don’t go that way. Plus, I’m happily married. To a human woman.


2 Responses to “Not just ignorant and bigoted, but proud of it”

  1. The Underground Conservative said

    Go play hide and go fuck yourself, you goddamn prick.

  2. And there we have it – self-awareness and knowledge of irony aren’t really your strong point, are they, Peter?

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