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This is why Kentucky shouldn’t be allowed to have Senators

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/03/2012

Rand Paul, from the floor of the fucking Senate, no less:
Sen. Rand Paul: When Big Oil Screws Americans At The Gas Pump, ‘You Should Want To Encourage Them’

  • When the oil companies which have bought my vote want to screw you royally, you should bend over and be grateful, peasants, because they’re job creators, you know!

This is after the top five oil companies in the United States have made $5.8 billion in profits –profits, mind, not turnover, but profits– from rising prices at the pump this year.

Proof positive again, as if it were needed, that the GOP is all about Big Business and screwing the 99%.

Did we mention that Rand Paul received a hundred grand in donations from oil companies? And the worst thing is that he probably would’ve done it for less. Time was, you used to have to spend real money to buy a Senator.


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