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Wingnuts defending John Derbyshire? Say it isn’t so!

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2012

So, I was going to comment on John Derbyshire’s recent virulently racist screed in Taki Mag and subsequent firing from Wingnut Welfare Magazine The National Review, but, to be frank, others have done it better and with more flair, such as Roy Edroso.

Roy also goes on to skewer the hordes of wingnut bloggers rushing to defend Derbyshire’s racist rant and tell us how the Leftists and Blacks are the Real Racists™ because plantations and crime and niggers should get jobs already, or something; they’re not totally coherent, as is often the case with their ilk.


4 Responses to “Wingnuts defending John Derbyshire? Say it isn’t so!”

  1. Mike said

    They’re the racists but you’re the one who tosses out the gratuitous use of the N word.

    Keep it classy.

  2. Are you serious? Or did you have some kind of terrible head injury right before making this comment? I mean, just looking at your blog tells me that you’re not a terribly intelligent person, but come on, at least think before you post; it’s clearly and obviously an example of how your wingnut compatriots think.

  3. Mike said

    Some people really hate irony, but that’s OK, I enjoy it!

  4. That’s useful, because you’re just about swimming in it.

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