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Tennessee has it all figured out.

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/04/2012

Or at least that’s the implication; they must have it all figured out, otherwise why would they waste their time on this crap?

That’s right, the Tennessee Senate is working on making sure that their kids don’t experiment with dangerous gateway activities like hand-holding, heavy petting and kissing, because intimacy kills. Or something.

Let’s just ignore the fact that abstinence-only education doesn’t work, that it’s inherently discriminatory towards LGBT kids, and that it’s mired in sexism, because maybe this will be the bill which actually makes kids in TN realise that doing teh sexytime without a ring on your finger will straight up murder you.

And, hey, who knows? Maybe this will work, against all expectations in the reality-based community, and Tennesseans will breed themselves out of existence. Or not breed, in this case.


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