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Go West. No, Really, West – Go Away!

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/04/2012

Allen West doubles down in his campaign to win the award for most cretinous politician, having previously launched it with one of the stupidest things to come out of the mouth of a sitting Congressman.

The thing is, modern American politics has slanted so far towards the ridiculous that it’s now impossible to distinguish whether a politician actually means the idiotic things he says, or whether he’s just pandering to his constituents; with West, however, his actions seem to point to the former – even when not in the public eye, he seems ready, willing and able to be a massive idiot, and I don’t think anyone has the stamina to be engaging in trolling that far undercover for so long.

Via OTB, where the comments are just fucking priceless – Steven L. Taylor is one of the most readable, knowledgeable and sane members of Outside The Beltway and he gives far too much time and energy to a cretin called Joshua Sanders, whose blog seems to consist of steamboat pictures and uninformed political commentary, with the occasional American Idiot Idol post. You’re a better man than me for doing it, Professor Taylor.


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