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A new Mike’s Law

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/05/2012

In the spirit of Poe’s Law, Mike’s Law of Internet Radfems:

Without an obvious smiley or graphic, it is impossible to determine whether an expressed opinion, article or comment by a radical feminist should be taken as a serious statement of her views.

Or to give you the shorter:

With radfems, never sure if trolling or just expression of views

Exhibit A, Julie Bindel:

If men like a particular brand of feminism, it means it is not working.

That’s right, Julie, because a) all men hate all women, and b) no men are feminists, and c) you decide what constitutes “real” feminism.


ETA: Shorter Cathy Brennan, proving the law to be true:

Look, ma! I’m funny because I’m a disgusting bigot!

But seriously, not only is she running a hate site, she is also proving the point that radfems of her stripe are indistinguishable from parody; I don’t think I could come up with a more unpleasant caricature of her political position than she already has. And the most ironic point is not that she thinks her leaden misunderstandings of memes are funny, but that she thinks she’s actually somehow defending and supporting her position.


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