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-1 means he’s 11…

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/12/2008

So this guy Twelve shows up here. I made a couple of comments on a post of his a while back, the comments of which turned into a Thread That Would Not Die! Presumably, he’s been led here by a referrer or by clicking on my name or something; that’s not really important. He then made a looooooooooooong comment on a post I wrote some time ago called Fools, Damned Fools And Christians.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t remember a damn thing about the post in question until I looked at it, and found that it was dedicated to making fun of some Christian who posted a bunch of stupid stuff. How unusual.

Anyway, this looooooooooooong comment of his was dedicated to criticising my post. That’s fine; I welcome controversy, and I’m always happy to be criticised, if only because it often helps sharpen one’s writing abilities.

In this case, however, it seems that I won’t need to strain myself too much.
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A short story

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/09/2008

An Answerphone Message from The Meek
“Um… Yeah. Hi. Uh, this is the meek. Just wanted to, you know, give you a call. Cause of that thing. You know. Yeah. Anyway. The thing. Look, it’s not that we’re not, you know, grateful, but– Would you quit? Quit it. Guys. I’m trying to do this… Anyway, yeah. The thing. We’re, like, totally grateful and everything. But. The thing is, we don’t know what to do with it. I mean, like I said, we’re all so totally grateful for the opportunity. It’s a wonderful gift, in some ways, don’t get us wrong, it really is, but, uh… We’re not sure we’d know what to do with it. And there are probably more deserving people out there. Hundreds of them, right? I mean, we’re meek, right? Just not very assertive, is what it is, I guess I’m saying. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what we were thinking. I guess we thought maybe someone else would be better than us at, you know, doing something with it. Or something. I don’t know. Can you call us back? I don’t want to be pushy or anything about it, but I think maybe we should talk if you can spare the time. Or want to. Just to talk over this whole inheriting the Earth stuff. Maybe get some coffee with us or something? Anyway, you can reach us at–”

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A couple of drabbles…

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/08/2008

Just to fill some space, more than anything.

I want to ride my bicycle
I bike to work. It’s two miles on lonely back roads. I started for fitness and continued for fun. There’s not much better than freewheeling alone down glossy blacktop, nobody in front or behind for miles.

It’s all uphill except the end; the only thing better than smooth roads is going downhill so fast that it frightens you.

There’s an intersection at the bottom of the hill which I speed towards, not knowing if cars are coming from either direction, or if I can stop in time, and I really don’t care – I just want to go downhill forever.

The Condensed Bible
The Old Testament: Some naked chick eats an apple on the suggestion of a talking snake. Ruination ensues. Many books of Hebrews follow. Lots of begetting, some angels, pregnant women dashed against rocks. Some weird shit about polycotton blends and shellfish, and what you shouldn’t do at the weekends. No buttsex at all, not even if you both want it really bad.

The New Testament: Some hippy walks around annoying people and being a smartass. Said hippy gets nailed to a tree or something and deserves it. “Jesus loves you. Here’s some fish.” Still no buttsex, and probably no lesbians.

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Pointless and/or ridiculous religious behaviour of the past week or so…

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/12/2007

Bible put on a pinhead-size chip

Researchers in Israel say they have succeeded in putting a version of the Bible on a chip smaller than a pinhead.

Its 300,000 words in Hebrew were inscribed on a silicon surface at the Haifa Institute of Technology.

BBC News

Seriously? You don’t have anything better to write on it than that? I’m wondering whether the first line of the story should be “Bible put on chip by pinhead” instead. The claimed aim –to spark interest in nanotechnology among young people– is a noble one, but people who are that interested in nanotechnology are probably not going to be the super-octane Bible readers.

‘Very Religious Community’ Gets Rid of 666 Phone Prefix

REEVES, La. — After decades of living with what Mayor Scott Walker calls a stigma, residents of this southwest Louisiana village are getting a new telephone exchange, one without the biblical connotations attached to their current 666.

Beginning this month, residents and businesses can change the first three digits of their phone numbers from 666 to 749. Walker said he’s made the change on his phone; it’s set to be official for City Hall Jan. 2, and Walker said he’d had “20” people contact him Friday morning — before 10 a.m. — about changing, as well.

“This boils down to, this is a very, very religious community,” Walker said.

There are three churches in town, two Bible and one Baptist, and fewer than 450 homes, he said. In the Bible, 666 is depicted as the mark of the beast, and those taking the mark would be associating themselves with Satan, he said.

Fox News, H/t to the SecWeb.

I was going to make some snide remarks and go on a major snark attack, but on second thoughts, really, what would be the point? The story speaks for itself, I think.

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Why Should I Believe in Jesus? Part 2

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/11/2007

Fulfilment of Old Testament Prophecies

Did Jesus fulfill any OT prophecies? Even if you believe that the Gospels are accurate, he fell short. Interestingly, what many Christian Apologists refer to as references to Jesus in the OT are actually historical or allegorical. However, fundamentalists seldom seem to understand allegory, and lies, even about the god they claim to believe in, are commonplace.
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