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Posted by That Other Mike on 27/03/2010

Shorter Evil Ned Flanders, Eternally Twatters
The fact that all the supposedly celibate Catholic priests who attacked young choirboys are men means that all homos are pedos, and the fact that the world at large views this as an unconscionable slur on the millions of non-rapist homos is a sign of political correctness gone mad!

It is emphatically not a case of pedophiles preying on the nearest available child in a hierarchy arranged almost solely of men, no sir, no way, no how. I will admit, grudgingly, that the Pope was naughty not to fire the priests, but that’s about it. Anyway, the fact that they were men makes my flaming homophobia A-OK!

In my next post, watch as I explain how the existence of Black crack addicts make it OK for me to say “nigger!”

Even Shorter Neil Simpson, Ike Turner-ty Matters:

Fuckin’ fags. Am I controversial and douchey enough to be Pat Robertson’s One True Heir yet?

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Hitchens curbstomps Friel

Posted by That Other Mike on 12/04/2009

I’m not a huge fan of Christopher Hitchens, generally; he’s arrogant, boorish and often far too pleased with himself. I get enough of that looking in the mirror to want to spend my free time on someone else doing it. There’s also his lurch to the political right in recent years; he’s probably centre-right more than right, to be honest, but he’s still to the right of me, which makes his politics occasionally distasteful. Something I saw this morning, though, has utterly redeemed him in my eyes, at least for now. This comes courtesy of the righteous PZ; cheers, Professor!
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