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Posted by That Other Mike on 15/04/2008

While I would never normally encourage anyone to engage in Google-bombing, I am a huge fan of that nice Professor Myers. He recently posted about the new website Expelled! Exposed, which offers a rather comprehensive critique of Expelled!.

The idea behind it is to move the website criticising Expelled! higher up in the Google rankings; so whenever anyone searches for the film Expelled!, he or she will be directed not to the website for Expelled!, but for the website critiquing Expelled!.

In short, what will happen will the same as when the top link going to GWB’s official bio was made to read “miserable failure”: every time someone searches for Ben Stein’s ridiculous little crapfest movie, s/he will be directed to the site Expelled! Exposed.

We might get someone to read it, anyway, and maybe even change a few minds. It’s internet activism, people. Get on board!

Will that do, Paul?

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Ben Stein Is A Big Fat Idiot

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/11/2007

Ben SteinWell, that may not be fair. He certainly isn’t that tall, so big fat idiot might not be accurate. Hmmm. And looking at his picture, he doesn’t seem particularly fat, I guess. Which leaves us with idiot.
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