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If any further proof were needed…

Posted by That Other Mike on 24/11/2011

…that Rush Limbaugh should be kicked out of the human race immediately, this is it.

…that watching Fox News actually makes you less informed than people who don’t watch any news, this is it.

…that the Cameron ministry is warmed-over Thatcherism at best, with all the unpleasant associations that it implies, this is it.

…that Newt Gingrich is a slimy no-mark who would sell his grandmother to get even fractionally closer to the power he so desperately craves (and is so obviously unqualified to wield), this is it.

Although, all of these can be condensed down to the following maxim: If you’re not one of the 1%, rightwing politics are dangerous to you, your kids, your jobs and everything else you hold dear.

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Really, Wingnuts? Really? Or, How being a rightwing pundit is a lobotomy without surgery

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/11/2011

Wingnut blogs and their associated flying monkey commenters have been painting the President as the Grinch these last couple of weeks, having gotten their collective panties in a bunch over a “Christmas Tree Tax” – the Federal government is applying a 15¢ charge on all purchases of live Christmas trees.

The general tone has been: Aaaiee! The horror! It’s like the holocaust or something! Oh noes, Christians are only one step away from the ovens! Help us Santa Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!

The usual cretins have been involved, such as Drudge, Fox “News”, the National Review, the contemptible Heritage Foundation and the ever moronic Jim Hoft, who as is his wont does little more than ring the bell and run off giggling for us to find a flaming bag of someone else’s poop blog post. They and their ilk are painting it as the evil Feds trying to destroy Christmas or destroy businesses or bring on the anti-Christ or Marxism or whatever drooling idiocy they think this week.

As usual, it’s a tissue of lies from start to finish. The program is rooted in a proposal which was originally put together during the Bush Administration by the National Christmas Tree Association, as a response to declining sales of live trees. It is not a new tax imposed willy-nilly by the Obama Administration but a check off fee; under the terms of the operable law, a charge can be levied on all producers of a certain product to provide services to promote the growth of their businesses, such as advertising programs (such as Got Milk? and similar), feasibility studies and so on.

That’s right, the program was not imposed as some kind of anti-Christian punishment, or to promote Marxism at Christmas time – it was started at the request of Christmas tree growers so they could strengthen their businesses and sell more trees.

In other words, it’s just about as capitalist as you could want; it’s voluntary and benefits a business sector by promoting it.

The charge of it being anti-Christian is all so much loose stool water as well; aside from it being more of the same crypto-racist Hurr durr Obama’s a sekrit mooslim!, it fails the smell test in that it’s helping sell fucking Christmas trees! The only way it could be less anti-Christmas is if the Feds starting giving away tiny plastic Jesus figures with every purchase.

In short, the whole thing is a storm in a teacup, ginned up by ethically-challenged wingnuts to score cheap political points with their frothing-at-the-mouth readers. I’d castigate them for their poor journalism, but let’s be honest – none of these people are really journalists or committed to actual reporting; they’re bombthrowers dedicated to pushing a far-right agenda, and should be treated with all the contempt and disdain that this implies.

(h/t to Media Matters)

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