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The Litany of Althousian Nonsense

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/05/2011

Ann Althouse, relaxing at an undisclosed location following the attempt on her life by Blogger.

Following the recent Blogger outage, in addition to showing poor research skills, non-existent ethical standards and being a terrible professor, we can now add paranoia to the vices being cultivated by the Outhouse:

You know, I’m beginning to suspect that there’s some behind-the-scenes campaign to report my blog as abusive. People who hate/fear the Althouse blog could make a loud noise to Google.

Back in 2004, 98% of Google employees gave money to Democrats.

To her credit, she did go back and add a correction to the incorrect statistic above, but it’s not much credit, is it? It’s like giving someone props for apologising for taking a dump on your carpet, and it’s just another example of the Althousian tendency to blog first and ask questions later, which is pretty shitty journalistic ethics. Not to mention that it raises questions about her ability to effectively teach; then again, the RateMyProfessor comments are pretty telling on that score.

Furthermore, as mistermix points out over at Balloon Juice, hundreds of blogs were affected by the outage, including the very lefty Atrios at Eschaton; hardly a sign of selective targeting of wingnuts like Althouse.

So, yeah. Shitty at blogging and shitty at teaching are now joined by paranoid and Cheneyesque.

ETA: See also LGM.

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