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Bad to the bone… B-b-b-bad…

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/04/2008

Ok, couldn’t resist that one.

The enormously clever young man who writes the Bad Idea blog has written a review of Exposed, which elegantly reviews and deconstructs in one excellent blog post.

Go and read it immediately.

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‘Eye ancestor’ debunks ID nonsense

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/12/2007

Sydney Morning Herald story:

An Australian scientist has gone one step further in debunking intelligent design (ID) by discovering evidence of an evolutionary forerunner to the modern eye.
Dr Gavin Young from the Australian National University discovered the evidence while analysing the fossilised remains of 400-million-year-old Devonian Placoderms – jawed ancestors of modern fish that were protected by thick bony armour.
Unlike all modern vertebrates, Dr Young discovered that the placoderms had a different arrangement of muscles and nerves supporting the eyeball, evidence of an intermediate stage in the evolution between jawless and jawed vertebrates.

Watch the Creationists scramble to recover…

Intelligent design isn’t either.

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Ben Stein Is A Big Fat Idiot

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/11/2007

Ben SteinWell, that may not be fair. He certainly isn’t that tall, so big fat idiot might not be accurate. Hmmm. And looking at his picture, he doesn’t seem particularly fat, I guess. Which leaves us with idiot.
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