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Food from Home

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/04/2012

OMG it are a pork pie and delishus

Delishus pork pie om nom nom nom

Right now, the only things I miss about England are:

  • Cheap, strong cider.
  • Meat, specifically bacon, black pudding and pork pies. I would kill someone for a pork pie right now, and I’m not even kidding; I would straight up murder somebody if the end result was a Melton Mowbray pork pie sitting in the palm of my hand. I can just imagine the crisp, greasy pastry, and the dense delicious filling, topped with a thin layer of jelly on the inside… Why do I torture myself like this?

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Days 12 & 13

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/09/2008

Days 12 & 13 are combined, as per last week, because I regularly visit a family member on a Friday evening. If you’re interested, we drank some beer, watched some comedy panel shows and watched some boxers pummel the living shit out of each other. A good night, in other words.

I’ve been trying to look a little more deeply at the vegan lifestyle this week, and not always succeeding. It’s quite interesting to see the workings of a subculture which you’ve never before seen in any much detail, by which I mean that you see all kinds of interesting arguments. It’s like hearing a fight in a language where you’re sort of competent but not fully fluent — you don’t get all the references and idioms, but find yourself fascinated despite yourself.
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Day Nine: Pita Bread and Climate Change

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/09/2008

Not much happening today. I ate kind of badly, if you want the truth: pita bread with hummus for lunch, and left-overs for dinner. Not a terribly inspiring sort of advert for the vegan lifestyle, but to be honest, some days I just can’t get into cooking, which is something of a shame, because I do enjoy doing it and talking about it.

I have noticed that a lot of my bread intake lately has been in the form of pita bread; lots of it in the form of garlic and herb pitas from Tesco, which are actually rather tasty, if a little stinky! That, combined with garlicky hummus, is making me somewhat difficult to be around… Hehehe.

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