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Jim Hoft is still a moron

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/06/2012

Jim Hoft is still a moron who can’t understand simple English and makes up dishonest headlines.

A few notes:

  • 100th, Jim. That means he played 100 total, not 100 that day, you pseudo-Albinoid cretin. That is probably fewer than most Presidents at this point in their first term (although if that’s incorrect, I’m happy to be corrected).
  • “I won’t rest until X is achieved!” is only taken literally by idiots (like you), partisan hacks (like you), or people who don’t understand simple English (like you). Hey, Jim, you made the trifecta. Your mother must be so proud of you.

Yeesh. I wish the right wing had a credible, sane voice representing them, instead of morons like Jim Hoft. It would make things much more bearable.

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Who Yoo, what Yoo do?

Posted by That Other Mike on 16/06/2012

Jesus Haploid Christ, how did anyone as dumb as John Yoo appears to be get through law school? The fact that he’s an unmitigated partisan hack shouldn’t factor into it, because, you know, law school.

Whether he’s right or wrong is almost irrelevant at this point, to be honest — given his history, he should be disbarred immediately, and then waterboarded every day until he says he’s sorry (and means it).

The comments are even more priceless, though — a bunch of bigots and no-mark NRO readers (but I repeat myself) opining on Constitutional law and the limits of the Presidency as if they knew anything; notably absent is any discussion of the years 2001 to 2009 or signing statements during that time. Funny, that; it’s almost as if NRO readers were hypocritical douchebags or something.

Via Zandar at B-J, who wrote a much better post than I did.

ETA: More via OTB where Doug Mataconis fails to carry as much Republican water as he usually does.

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Silly wingnuts are silly.

Posted by That Other Mike on 06/06/2012

Ah, wingnuts. You never get tired of proving the point you’re trying to argue against, do you?

Oh, and one more thing – Marxism actually means something as an idea. Throwing it around as a catch-all insult for stuff you dislike just make you look like even more of an idiot.

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What is this I don’t even

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/06/2012

What the actual fuck is going on with this kind of thing?The wingnut deification of the couldn’t-have-happened-to-a-nicer-guy Blartblart has jumped the shark, a mere 90 days after the fucking disgraceful excuse for a human shuffled off his chubby, drunken, mortal coil.

Jesus H. Krispy Kreme. What is it with wingnuts and slobbering over their deceased leaders? And especially their leaders who were just worthless examples of their type during life – they did it with Reagan, who in life was a shitty President who got lucky, and now they’re doing it with Breitbart, who was a shitty journalist and shitflinger in life.

Is it some kind of daddy complex that drives them to fellate the corpses of their shittiest leaders?

(H/T LGM, Wonkette.)

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Zandar nails it…

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/03/2012

The question also arises, which nobody will ever ask because our media are in the pocket of the Goober party: Even though you claim it’s being taken out of context, what possible word could you have been saying, Frothy? What possible word could you have been going to use to refer to the President which started with “nig-” which wasn’t going to be “nigger”?

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Would someone please beat some sense into Andrew Sullivan?

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/12/2011

Jesus Haploid Christ, Sully:

One might ask: which current Republican candidate has not been “part of coalition who saw bigotry as a potent political force”? .

So don’t fucking pimp his campaign, you fucking cretin; nobody’s making you do it, it’s not a case of promote Republicans or nobody at all.

Fuck, man. There comes a point when it’s sensible to re-evaluate your positions in light of new information, and while I know you love being all contrarian and a cheerleader for “libertarian” causes, you should really stop being an idiot and realise that Ron Paul is a shitty politician, a hypocrite, a liar and a dangerous religious fundamentalist. He is not in any way a candidate anyone with an ounce of sense or anyone outside Texas should be supporting, least of all you.

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Post-Truth Politics, or How Republicans Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/12/2011

The Post-Truth Campaign –

Over all, Mr. Obama’s positions on economic policy resemble those that moderate Republicans used to espouse. Yet Mr. Romney portrays the president as the second coming of Fidel Castro and seems confident that he will pay no price for making stuff up.

Welcome to post-truth politics.

Why does Mr. Romney think he can get away with this kind of thing? Well, he has already gotten away with a series of equally fraudulent attacks. In fact, he has based pretty much his whole campaign around a strategy of attacking Mr. Obama for doing things that the president hasn’t done and believing things he doesn’t believe.

Krugman nails it again — while Mitt is the most obvious offender by dint of being the Republican front-runner and likely eventual nominee, they all lie and dissemble constantly, and the media just lets them get away with it over and over again without a word on how a significant fraction of the national political landscape has become the province of narcissistic truth-dodgers.

As much as I would love to see a lefty in the White House in this country, it won’t happen, and for anyone at all to pretend that President Obama is some kind of crypto-socialist and wannabe dictator is beyond ridiculous; the man is a centrist generally, and a consensus politician. In the European context, he’d be a fine liberal member of, say, the CDU, or a One Nation Tory, for example, but he is by no means a leftist of any kind, and to pretend otherwise is dishonest at best, and leads us to the following question; regardless of whether his policies would be good or bad (and they would almost certainly be disastrous for the country as a whole), do we really want someone as truth-impaired as Mitt Romney anywhere near the White House?


ETA: Appropriately, the Manics:

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If any further proof were needed…

Posted by That Other Mike on 24/11/2011

…that Rush Limbaugh should be kicked out of the human race immediately, this is it.

…that watching Fox News actually makes you less informed than people who don’t watch any news, this is it.

…that the Cameron ministry is warmed-over Thatcherism at best, with all the unpleasant associations that it implies, this is it.

…that Newt Gingrich is a slimy no-mark who would sell his grandmother to get even fractionally closer to the power he so desperately craves (and is so obviously unqualified to wield), this is it.

Although, all of these can be condensed down to the following maxim: If you’re not one of the 1%, rightwing politics are dangerous to you, your kids, your jobs and everything else you hold dear.

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Really, Wingnuts? Really? Or, How being a rightwing pundit is a lobotomy without surgery

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/11/2011

Wingnut blogs and their associated flying monkey commenters have been painting the President as the Grinch these last couple of weeks, having gotten their collective panties in a bunch over a “Christmas Tree Tax” – the Federal government is applying a 15¢ charge on all purchases of live Christmas trees.

The general tone has been: Aaaiee! The horror! It’s like the holocaust or something! Oh noes, Christians are only one step away from the ovens! Help us Santa Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!

The usual cretins have been involved, such as Drudge, Fox “News”, the National Review, the contemptible Heritage Foundation and the ever moronic Jim Hoft, who as is his wont does little more than ring the bell and run off giggling for us to find a flaming bag of someone else’s poop blog post. They and their ilk are painting it as the evil Feds trying to destroy Christmas or destroy businesses or bring on the anti-Christ or Marxism or whatever drooling idiocy they think this week.

As usual, it’s a tissue of lies from start to finish. The program is rooted in a proposal which was originally put together during the Bush Administration by the National Christmas Tree Association, as a response to declining sales of live trees. It is not a new tax imposed willy-nilly by the Obama Administration but a check off fee; under the terms of the operable law, a charge can be levied on all producers of a certain product to provide services to promote the growth of their businesses, such as advertising programs (such as Got Milk? and similar), feasibility studies and so on.

That’s right, the program was not imposed as some kind of anti-Christian punishment, or to promote Marxism at Christmas time – it was started at the request of Christmas tree growers so they could strengthen their businesses and sell more trees.

In other words, it’s just about as capitalist as you could want; it’s voluntary and benefits a business sector by promoting it.

The charge of it being anti-Christian is all so much loose stool water as well; aside from it being more of the same crypto-racist Hurr durr Obama’s a sekrit mooslim!, it fails the smell test in that it’s helping sell fucking Christmas trees! The only way it could be less anti-Christmas is if the Feds starting giving away tiny plastic Jesus figures with every purchase.

In short, the whole thing is a storm in a teacup, ginned up by ethically-challenged wingnuts to score cheap political points with their frothing-at-the-mouth readers. I’d castigate them for their poor journalism, but let’s be honest – none of these people are really journalists or committed to actual reporting; they’re bombthrowers dedicated to pushing a far-right agenda, and should be treated with all the contempt and disdain that this implies.

(h/t to Media Matters)

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Strangled English

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/10/2011

Sometimes the snark writes itself and I literally have to do nothing:

George Strango, arguing for English-only automated phone systems.

Leaving aside the obvious hilarity of George’s post, he’s also wrong – there is no official national language of the United States. And as for those Hispanic people, a great many of them have lived in the US since before where they lived became part of the US, so I don’t see that having a Spanish option is too heinous in and of itself.

Also, how much does George look he’s auditioning for Brokeback Mountain 2: Electric Boogaloo?

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