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Posted by That Other Mike on 19/10/2008

Gary tagged me with the sets of questions which John at Homo economicus’s weblog tagged him with, which he was tagged with by Splendid Elles… And that’s when I decided that following the chain back to its beginning might well drive me bugshit insane, and started writing the answers.

Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist?
I don’t think I ever officially did; I don’t think there was ever that kind of marker or milestone. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been an Atheist.

I suppose that one particular incident could be seen as relevant or similar; I remember being told off by a teacher at the age of seven or so for blasphemy. Aside from that, though, I’ve never had any kind of official coming out or anything. It’s always been something that I’ve been open and clear about with people, if it happens to come up.

I was forced into going to church services and so on by school and family, but I always refused to participate, which landed me in trouble a few times.

Do you remember the day you officially became an agnostic?
Technically, I suppose, in the sense of not being able to fully rule out any deity that might possibly ever exist at all anywhere, I might be classified as agnostic… But I honestly don’t have much truck with that kind of thing. Every god which has been put in front of me for consideration has been incoherent or impossible or illogical; given that none of them made any sense or were in any way believable, I don’t see much of an issue with being skeptical about them from the get-go. I tend to find myself drawing from all varieties of Atheism: I would call myself a weak Atheist, because I simply don’t believe in gods, full stop; but I also have legitimately ruled out various specific gods, so in that sense, I’m a strong Atheist; and finally, I think that given the incoherency and lack of meaning within the question, I would also consider myself a theological noncognitivist.

How about the last time you spoke or prayed to God with actual thought that someone was listening?Never have, to my knowledge.

Did anger towards God or religion help cause you to be an atheist or agnostic?This doesn’t really apply to me, given that I never believed in the first place.

Here is a good one: Were you agnostic towards ghosts, even after you became an atheist?While being atheist technically doesn’t rule out a belief in ghosts, it’s always struck me as rather silly. If you can’t show any reason to believe in a soul in the first place, what would be the reason to believe in ghosts?

Do you want to be wrong?No. I’m happy enough as I am, and I don’t think that I or the world in general would be a better or happier place, were the existence of gods to be proven. I think they make fantastic story and novel fodder, but otherwise…

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