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Would someone please beat some sense into Andrew Sullivan?

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/12/2011

Jesus Haploid Christ, Sully:

One might ask: which current Republican candidate has not been “part of coalition who saw bigotry as a potent political force”? .

So don’t fucking pimp his campaign, you fucking cretin; nobody’s making you do it, it’s not a case of promote Republicans or nobody at all.

Fuck, man. There comes a point when it’s sensible to re-evaluate your positions in light of new information, and while I know you love being all contrarian and a cheerleader for “libertarian” causes, you should really stop being an idiot and realise that Ron Paul is a shitty politician, a hypocrite, a liar and a dangerous religious fundamentalist. He is not in any way a candidate anyone with an ounce of sense or anyone outside Texas should be supporting, least of all you.

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