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Posted by That Other Mike on 18/03/2011

Apparently, Oklahoma has decided that it’s fed up with up with Arizona’s repeated wins at the All-States Crazy Championships, and has decided to run with an illegal immigration bill of its very own. Look out for another Federal pre-emption lawsuit.

Illegal immigration bill allows arrest, seizure without warrant

OKLAHOMA CITY — A sweeping anti-illegal immigration bill that allows police to arrest people they suspect are in the country illegally and seize property used to commit immigration-related crimes has passed the Oklahoma Senate.

The Senate voted 29-15 on Wednesday for the bill over the objections of some members who say the plan is unconstitutional and would be detrimental to Oklahoma’s economy.

The bill authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest someone without a warrant, if the officer has “probable cause” to believe the person is in the country illegally.

It also allows police to seize property, like homes or vehicles, used to knowingly harbor or transport illegal immigrants.

Some members voiced concerns that farmers could risk losing their property and expensive equipment by hiring migrant workers.

It’s worth noting that the Oklahoma state Senate is currently Republican-dominated, and that the current composition is 32:16 in favour of them; the voting being 29:15 for the immigration bill suggests a straight party line vote. In light of that, it looks like Teahadism has infected the Oklahoma Senate; the fact that it’s plainly un-Constitutional might have deflected Republicans in times past, or at least made them think twice, but it doesn’t ever seem to bother the ‘baggers too much.

You know, for a bunch of people who claim to revere the Constitution so much, they sure as shit don’t seem to know much about it. You get the kind half-arsed of knowledge and interpretation from them which come from half-remembered civics lessons mixed with a huge dollop of knee-jerk anti-governmentalism, talk radio propraganda and just plain bigotry.

Give it a bit more of this, and Oklahoma will overtake Arizona; hell, a bit of more this, and it’ll overtake Texas. But the question is, is a race to the bottom the kind of race Oklahomans want to win?


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