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I shot a man in Reno for purposes unidentified

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/08/2008

Nothing much going on lately. My old boss is back from maternity leave after a year.

Anyway. We’ve just done a large mailshot from the office of over 1000 letters. A mailshot of 1000 may not seem a lot to some of you who’ve worked in mailing houses or large corporations, but it is a fuckload when two or three of you have to fold and stuff the envelopes by hand…

It’s a bit of a primitive method, but there you go.
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I have nothing to say…

Posted by That Other Mike on 12/08/2008

… except that I am working still on my story. It’s a new genre for me – a Western. Yeah, a Western. I’ve wanted to do something in that vein for a long time, and now I can.

And in other news, one of the greatest comedy sketches of all time:

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