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How now? A bat? Dead, for a ducat, dead!

Posted by That Other Mike on 18/06/2012

A short time ago, while I was giving my wife her night time foot, hand, and back rubs (because I am the shit when it comes to being a husband, yo), we were awoken by our son screaming like a mad bastard from his bedroom.

We both rushed into his room and found him screeching, flailing and generally freaking out because a bat had flown through the rip in his window screen and was flying around in a panic. The Boy was having a major freakout and loudly cursing at it; it’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone tell a bat to fuck off.

Eventually, the Boy managed to dodge past the bat and fling himself through his bedroom door, whereupon he managed to calm down, while cursing and calling imprecations down upon all bats in general and this one in particular.

After a while, I volunteered to go in and capture the vicious beast — at the first pass, it was still flying in circles around the room, but then I managed to go in and all was quiet. I looked around, and the bat was sitting on the carpet in the corner, looking all tuckered out. I immediately covered it with a plastic bucket, and then employed the classic cardboard under vessel technique, and let it go off our balcony.

All in all, a rather interesting evening.

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