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Everyone hates Ben Stein!

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/06/2008

Everyone Hates Ben Stein
They still hate him!

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The Anti-Carnival!

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/06/2008

Well, thanks for waiting. The Anti-Carnival of Douchebags and Arseholes, alternatively known as the dancing festival of wankbags, is finally here. You were all waiting, right?

Anyway, it’s divided into the two categories, with linkage and short explanations for why said person is being put there. After the fold is NSFW, unless you live in an exceptionally weird office.
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Just wonderful…

Posted by That Other Mike on 06/05/2008

HT – PZ.

A wonderful example of the fiskative arts by Jeff Dorchen:

You wouldn’t think Ben Stein could sink any lower. Here’s an apologist for Richard Nixon, the author (ostensibly) of a book (or rather an Ann Coulter-style wad of airport toilet paper) on how liberals are more dangerous to America than terrorists, a man who has espoused the belief that the amount of assets one dies with is a direct indication of one’s value to society – here is a mind so mediocre that he regularly lost battles of wits against MTV game show contestants – you wouldn’t think a track record like that would leave room for further ethical and intellectual failure. But Ben Stein is a man of great determination. He is not content to rest on his laurels, or in his case to let such hideous, thorny laurels rest on him, though they threaten to crush him with the weight of their shamefulness.

Jeff Dorchen rules. I bow before his amazing fiskeriness.

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Posted by That Other Mike on 15/04/2008

While I would never normally encourage anyone to engage in Google-bombing, I am a huge fan of that nice Professor Myers. He recently posted about the new website Expelled! Exposed, which offers a rather comprehensive critique of Expelled!.

The idea behind it is to move the website criticising Expelled! higher up in the Google rankings; so whenever anyone searches for the film Expelled!, he or she will be directed not to the website for Expelled!, but for the website critiquing Expelled!.

In short, what will happen will the same as when the top link going to GWB’s official bio was made to read “miserable failure”: every time someone searches for Ben Stein’s ridiculous little crapfest movie, s/he will be directed to the site Expelled! Exposed.

We might get someone to read it, anyway, and maybe even change a few minds. It’s internet activism, people. Get on board!

Will that do, Paul?

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Spanking Sirius… Again

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/04/2008

The other day, as I was browsing around as I often do, I was reminded of an old but funny joke, which goes something like this:

A hunter goes into the woods to hunt a bear and takes with him his trusty 22-gauge rifle.

After a little while, he spots a very large bear, takes aim, and fires. When the smoke clears, though, the bear is gone.

A moment later the bear taps this guy on the shoulder and says, “No one shoots at me and gets away with it. You have two choices: I can either rip your throat out and eat you alive, or you can drop your trousers, bend over, and I’ll do you in the ass.”

The hunter figures that anything is better than death, so he drops his trousers, bends over, and the bear delivers on his promise.

After the bear leaves, the hunter pulls up his trousers and staggers into town vowing revenge.

He buys a much larger gun and returns to the forest. He sees the same bear, takes aim, and fires. When the smoke clears, the bear once again is gone. A moment later, the bear taps him on the shoulder and says, “You know what to do.”

Afterwards, the hunter pulls up his trousers and crawls back into town. Now he’s really mad, so he buys himself a bazooka.

He returns to the forest, sees the bear, aims, and fires.

When the smoke clears this time, the bear taps him on the shoulder and says, “You’re not REALLY here for the hunting, are you?”

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Not even not as smart as he thinks

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/02/2008

As eny fule no, I habitually wander around teh webz looking for interesting stuff to mock, laud or be baffled by. I do this frequently because of my extremely short attention span; if I go back to a site more than once, I’m either interested or a victim of a car crash blog.
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An Open Letter to Ben Stein: You’re Still A Dumbass

Posted by That Other Mike on 31/12/2007

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‘Eye ancestor’ debunks ID nonsense

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/12/2007

Sydney Morning Herald story:

An Australian scientist has gone one step further in debunking intelligent design (ID) by discovering evidence of an evolutionary forerunner to the modern eye.
Dr Gavin Young from the Australian National University discovered the evidence while analysing the fossilised remains of 400-million-year-old Devonian Placoderms – jawed ancestors of modern fish that were protected by thick bony armour.
Unlike all modern vertebrates, Dr Young discovered that the placoderms had a different arrangement of muscles and nerves supporting the eyeball, evidence of an intermediate stage in the evolution between jawless and jawed vertebrates.

Watch the Creationists scramble to recover…

Intelligent design isn’t either.

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Ben Stein Is A Big Fat Idiot

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/11/2007

Ben SteinWell, that may not be fair. He certainly isn’t that tall, so big fat idiot might not be accurate. Hmmm. And looking at his picture, he doesn’t seem particularly fat, I guess. Which leaves us with idiot.
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Classic Arguments, Part II

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/11/2007

Classic Arguments for God – And Why They Don’t Work

Part 2

  1. Argument from Design,or Intelligent Design, or the Teleological Argument, or The Cosmic Watchmaker – is the universe designed?
  2. The Anthropic Principle – A close relative of the Argument from Design; how is it that the universe is so hospitable to life?
  3. The Argument from Improbability – Is life really so unlikely that it needs a god to exist?
  4. Irreducible Complexity – Is life too complex to have functioned as less complicated forms?
  5. Physical Laws – Can there be laws without a law-giver?

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