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A college student?

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/12/2011

You’re a college student, really? Which third rate college gave you a place, Chris? Serioulsy, I need to know so I can inform faculty that you’re an ignorant, racist fuckstick.

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain

Posted by That Other Mike on 29/10/2011

Shorter cretins at the American Stinker:
Waaah! The President’s a black man and we don’t like it!

Some things are so transparently stupid that to deal with them reasonably and rationally only elevates them; an example being the cretinous nonsense being peddled by this writer and the commenters.

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/10/2011

This time, it’s unlicensed “pastoral therapist” and crazypants blogger, Sam Sewell, who seems to think that this gives any law enforcement officer in the US the right to take a peek at Obama’s birth certificate. Yes, kids, you guessed it – it’s yet another “Any day now, this’ll be the thing that sinks the USURPERTRON!” moment (Usurpertron pictured at right, only $14.99 in all good local stores!).

Does the law say what Sam thinks? Sadly, no. The legislation refers to Haw. Rev. Stat. § 710-1000(13), which reads

(13) “Law enforcement officer” means any public servant, whether employed by the State or subdivisions thereof or by the United States, vested by law with a duty to maintain public order or, to make arrests for offenses or to enforce the criminal laws, whether that duty extends to all offenses or is limited to a specific class of offenses;

meaning Hawaiian or Federal law enforcement. Oops, Sam. You kind of made a booboo there.

Your second mistake, Mr Bond, was not actually reading beyond the part which tickled your fantasy; namely, that the PDF you linked to is not the law at present, so your whole post, while stupid, is also moot.

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/09/2011

Exhibit A: This bucket of loose stool water, written by Joizy-based Mario “The Putzo” Appuzo, notorious ambulance chaser and infrequent contributor to the pit of slime known as the Pest & E-Fail, home of hobby-seditionist and professional harp-wrangler Sharon Rondeau.

This pail of arse gravy is being pimped by his Renfield, former Lieutenant Commander Charles Kerchner (obviously still butthurt over the fact that his noxious lawsuit was so casually dismissed by the Supremes). And it is the same unfounded nonsense that Mario has been squeezing out ever since he decided to squat down and drop a dookie on more than 200 years of law and precedent.

Mario, here’s the thing – repeating the same lie a thousand times does not magically make it true. You might want to clue Igor into that. Arguing contra legem is not an effective way to prove your case, even if done ad nauseam.

So, the question arises, a birther’s dilemma, if you will: Is Mario simply a shyster or a lunatic?

If he sincerely believes what he’s pushing, not only is he on the wrong side of two centuries of American case law and centuries more of common law before it, but also flatly in denial of those same things, flatly in denial of reality itself – in sum, if he believes exactly what he says, he is a lunatic.

On the other side of things, if he is simply pushing an unscrupulous agenda to con money out of cretins and birthers (but I repeat myself) like Kerchner by lying about what he knows to be true, he could very well be called a shyster.

So, which is it, Mario – crazy or con artist?

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain.

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/09/2011

Exhibit 1: This horseshit.
Exhibit 2: The belief that anyone with even the slightest connection to objective reality will believe a fucking word of it.

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain.

Posted by That Other Mike on 16/09/2011

Ockham’s Razor, you wingnut imbeciles; if several explanations for a phenomenon are present, the simpler is preferred.

To wit;

Wingnut Imbecile Theory – Obama’s SS number is fraudulent and this proves there is a massive, decades-long conspiracy encompassing all levels of government and involving both major political parties in the US at all levels.

Sane Intelligent Theory – idiots like Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi, Gregory Hollister and Linda Jordan have splashed Obama’s SS number around the internet enough that he had a new one issued by the SS Administration.

Hmmm. Which is more plausible? The unsupported frothing of a bunch of ignorant cretins, or a simple administrative procedure?

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Actually, that’s bullshit

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/04/2011

Tarpon and many other birthers think that Natual-born Citizen means born to two citizen parents. This, birther folk, is bulshit; it’s something that Leo Donofrio created out of thin air a couple of years ago, based on a mistranslation of Vattel and a misapprehension of Vattel’s relative importance.

Natural-born has always meant a citizen from birth. Nothing more, nothing less; it’s not some kind of super citizen category. Your frightened little appeals to emotion about the children of foreign dictators and terrorists are simply a cloak to conceal a hefty dollop of racism and xenophobia.

This is the problem with the internet; on the one hand, it’s great because it allows everyone a voice, but on the other, it’s atrocious because it allows everyone a voice. It does nobody any good if you use your freedom of speech to tell lies and show how ignorant you are.

ETA: You can add this joker as well.

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Silly Birthers!

Posted by That Other Mike on 29/03/2011

That’s not a birth certificate, silly birthers.

Birth certificates are issued by an entity with the authority to do so. That is a hospital souvenir. I wonder why the birfoons aren’t clamouring for his real birth certificate like they did with Obama? What are the major points of difference between Trump and Obama? One’s a morally and literally bankrupt jerkwad without a birth certificate, the other one’s the President. Oh, and Trump’s White, although I’m sure race has nothing to do with the birthers and their jabbering.

If Trump wants to run for the Presidency, he’s going to have to come up with better than that.

Why won’t he show his real birth certificate? Where’s the birth certificate, Donald?

ETA: See also. And also…

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Posted by That Other Mike on 23/04/2010

I was going to do a shorter of this post by noted birfoon mattie, but some posts just mock themselves, and besides, it’s pretty short already. My response is below the jump.

Wutbarry: birth announcement vs birth certificate

Birth certificate posts

Stop and think objectively for a moment.

Now answer me this:

How crazy is it to rely on 48 year-old untraceable as to who placed them or where exactly the information was obtained birth announcements when $20 buys 20 verifiable facts already vouched for by the ultimate authority?

Read the rest of this entry »

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Random Snippets

Posted by That Other Mike on 17/04/2010

A few random snippets of stuff I’ve been reading:

Taitz v. Obama – Dismissed
Ironically enough, Ms. Taitz could never establish such an injury because — as far as the Court is aware — she was not elected president nor could she be because she is not a natural born citizen herself.

I rofl’d. Well done, Justice Lamberth.

Tea Party Bears Beck’s Imprint
Wednesday’s NYT/CBS poll on the 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves with the tea-party movement was myth-busting in certain ways. Tea-partiers are wealthier and more educated than most Americans, the poll found. They are largely disinterested in the existence of a third party. And they don’t particularly care about social issues (three-fifths favor some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples).

Another stereotype, however, rings true: tea-partiers are disproportionately attached to, and perhaps influenced by, FOX News. And they are particularly enamored of Glenn Beck. Nationally, just 18 percent of people have a favorable opinion of Beck (the majority have no opinion whatsoever about him). But most tea-partiers do. Do the math, and you’ll find that 59 percent of those who do think highly of Beck consider themselves a part of the tea-party. This is, in fact, the single biggest differentiator of any of the items that the NYT asked about: not ideology, not any particular political belief, but whom they watch on television

Some good analysis from Nate Silver, although nothing particularly susprising to anyone who’s been watching the bagger phenomenon.

Just Lying About Everything
Remember that executive order in which Obama directed hospitals to allow patients to decide who can visit them, whether they be immediate family or not? But that patients are the ones who get to decide, not arcane and out of date hospital rules?

John Cole concisely eviscerates RedState and its Republican masters in just a few words.

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