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Silly Birthers

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2011

Can you spot the anti-Obama "Birther"?Silly birthers! Unless your parents are diplomats, parentage is irrelevant for determining natural-born citizenship.

Your arguments are ridiculous, and completely unsupported by the law, case rulings and the Constitution. Still, that’s never stopped you before.

And as to Trump’s letter to the NYT – well, it’s hardly Presidential material, is it? It reads more like a snarky adolescent taking potshots at someone who’s outdone him in a debate.

Then again, it’s not really an issue, is it? The Donald (and his Tribble) will never be President. He’s simply concern trolling to boost ratings for his failing TV show, and I would lay good money on his never filing to run for office; he’s probably too busy being an aging roué with ever more ridiculous hair. Hey, Donald – with all the money you currently have (until the next time you run your business into the ground!), you could at least fork out a few dollars for a mirror or two.

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Addendum: An open letter to a fake doctor

Posted by That Other Mike on 07/11/2009

Dear “Dr” Kate :

Following my previous post, I thought I’d check in, see if maybe you’d actually, you know, grown a brain cell or two in the meantime.

Unfortunately, this seems not to have happened – you’re still an ignorant douchesack. Have fun propagating your failed memes!


The Reality-Based Community

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The Anti-Carnival!

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/06/2008

Well, thanks for waiting. The Anti-Carnival of Douchebags and Arseholes, alternatively known as the dancing festival of wankbags, is finally here. You were all waiting, right?

Anyway, it’s divided into the two categories, with linkage and short explanations for why said person is being put there. After the fold is NSFW, unless you live in an exceptionally weird office.
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Moronic Creationist Giggles

Posted by That Other Mike on 24/11/2007

I have to admit, this was me. I know, bad responses on my part, but it was late, and I wasn’t really in the mood to do long explanations.

What can I say? I’m not perfect.

Shockingly, Mr Sirius Snot… Nut… Sorry, Knotts, doesn’t actually address any of the linked points. I know, who’d believe it?

Anyway, here is a fuller response to his original… effort.
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Idiot Blogger of The Week Award?

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/11/2007

I’m thinking about being iconoclastic every Friday and not posting about cats, but giving a weekly award to the most annoying, moronic blogger I’ve come across.
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