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An Open Letter to Glenn Reynolds

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/05/2012

Dear Glenn,

Next time you go on a sex tour to Bangkok vacation and need some fill-in writers for your blog, please do us a favour and find someone from the ranks of the less stupid wingnuts — the current stand-in is a cretin and is accelerating the already speedy downward spiral of your blog into unconscious parody.

As easy as it is to make fun of your blog normally, this is like dynamiting fish in a very small barrel. Where the fish are already dead.


(via a guy called Andrew)

See also Scott Lemieux at LGM.

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Stupid Wingnuts Are Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/09/2011

Short Thomas Lifson, The American Stinker, What is Michelle Obama saying during the 9/11 flag ceremony?
I, for one, will not let the fact that I have no training in lip-reading stop me from making pointless and baseless speculations about Michelle Obama, because let’s face it, that bitch must hate the flag, amirite?

Thomas Lifson, I hereby revoke your licence to be human, due to your obviously being some species of non-sentient life. Someone will be along later to remove your opposable thumbs and reclassify you as a form of algae.

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The Epitome of Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 31/05/2011

Everything the Fellowship of "Minds" believes in one handy sign. .


Shorter Eowyn, Fellowship of Fuckwits, Obama Hires New Minister of Propaganda:
ZOMG! Obama has someone on his staff whose job is to respond to negative news stories! Although every President for the last century has tried to maintain a positive image in the media, it’s completely different with Obama for some reason (although it’s totally not racial, honest!), which absolutely justifes my spurious Nazi comparisons!

That place is pretty vile – dubious articles by moronic right-wing nutjobs espousing as much extremism as they can get away with, birtherism, Beckism, and generalised racism and bigotry towards anyone who’s not a White, Christian Fundamentalist.

In short, teabaggers.

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Silly Birthers!

Posted by That Other Mike on 29/03/2011

That’s not a birth certificate, silly birthers.

Birth certificates are issued by an entity with the authority to do so. That is a hospital souvenir. I wonder why the birfoons aren’t clamouring for his real birth certificate like they did with Obama? What are the major points of difference between Trump and Obama? One’s a morally and literally bankrupt jerkwad without a birth certificate, the other one’s the President. Oh, and Trump’s White, although I’m sure race has nothing to do with the birthers and their jabbering.

If Trump wants to run for the Presidency, he’s going to have to come up with better than that.

Why won’t he show his real birth certificate? Where’s the birth certificate, Donald?

ETA: See also. And also…

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A Serious Question

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2010

Is the Confederate Yankee the stupidest man alive in the world today? This isn’t mere hyperbole or rhetoric, but a serious question prompted by this post:

Obama Questions Palin’s Nuclear Wisdom

He simply doesn’t know when to shut up:

President Barack Obama on Thursday made clear he was not going to take advice from Republican Sarah Palin when it comes to decisions about the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Palin, the former vice presidential candidate, has not been shy about criticizing Obama’s policies and this week weighed in on his revamped nuclear strategy, saying it was like a child in a playground who says ‘punch me in the face, I’m not going to retaliate.’

“I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News.

Palin’s view of nuclear weapons was shaped by her stint as the commander in chief of the Alaskan National Guard, our first line of defense against Soviet nuclear weapons. Obama has held his same views since he was a stoner college student and has showed no signs of maturing.

Which of the two would you trust?

No further commentary necessary, res ipsa loquitur and all that; it’s almost enough to make you think he’s a Poe.

Still, it’s nice to know that the US will be a surefire winner if stupidity is ever made an Olympic event.


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Exceptionally Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/09/2009

The attempts of wingnuts to jump onboard popular culture, especially in the States, are a little puzzling to me, I must admit. They try to get in and ride the wave of popularity to push their political agenda by dressing up in the clothes of pop culture – they try to be hip, ironic and cool (yeah, I know).

They’ve been trying for years now, so why is it that they’re still so full of FAIL?

Shorter Andrew Blart-Blart, Bigot in Hollywood:
Everything America does is special, wonderful and better than anywhere else. If you don’t agree, you hate America.

Via some idiot.

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A ‘verse, a ‘verse, my brain for a multiverse!

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/06/2009

The ability of Creationists to fool themselves into thinking they understand science always astounds me — they so obviously and plainly fail at it on every level. And yet they always seem to think that they are able to see something that actual scientists don’t or won’t, because there’s some huge anti-Creationist conspiracy of scientists who hate God or something equally ridiculous – and they, by golly, with their third grade level of science understanding, are just the ones to overturn all those thousands of hours of study and experimentation.

Or something. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oh, my sides!

Posted by That Other Mike on 10/04/2009

My aching sides… If I laughed any harder, I’d give myself some kind of hernia and internal bleeding.

I was going to write a detailed critique of the ridiculousness of Joey Nelson’s post here, but I think it speaks for itself.

Next up, definitive proof that Harry Potter really, really can do magic!

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Le stupid! Il brûle!

Posted by That Other Mike on 25/01/2009

So, a few posts back, I spanked someone going by the name of Interested Bystander regarding his conspicuous display of teh stupid about Obama’s citizenship on a conspiracy nut blog called James4America. You can read my snark over here. It are teh funneez.

Well, it seems that IB returned in the meantime, not having satisfied his urge to be bent over and have his bottom reddened, and spewed a whole new deluge of nonsense in response. Apparently, he thought I was just too, too beastly to him, and decided to climb on his high horse attempt to take the moral high ground, by refusing to come over here and play. I, of course, having no self-control when it comes to nom-ing on the tiny living brains of wingnuts, just had to dip in again and give him another dose of the public humiliation he so strongly desires, the naughty little boy.
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-1 means he’s 11…

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/12/2008

So this guy Twelve shows up here. I made a couple of comments on a post of his a while back, the comments of which turned into a Thread That Would Not Die! Presumably, he’s been led here by a referrer or by clicking on my name or something; that’s not really important. He then made a looooooooooooong comment on a post I wrote some time ago called Fools, Damned Fools And Christians.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t remember a damn thing about the post in question until I looked at it, and found that it was dedicated to making fun of some Christian who posted a bunch of stupid stuff. How unusual.

Anyway, this looooooooooooong comment of his was dedicated to criticising my post. That’s fine; I welcome controversy, and I’m always happy to be criticised, if only because it often helps sharpen one’s writing abilities.

In this case, however, it seems that I won’t need to strain myself too much.
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