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Oh, please, please! Please do it!

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/06/2012

Doug Ross, at home, with unnamed vegetable companion

You know what? I would love-love-LOVE it if Rmoney adopted the crazy shit being recommended here by Doug Ross, and you know why?

Because if he does, there won’t be a President Romney — the ideas are so colossally dumb and out of touch that it would sink the Romney campaign like the Titanic. Shit, if your whole train of thought is kicked off by Jennifer “Wrong-About-Everything” Rubin then you are wrong by definition, no exceptions. Not even if you come to a completely different point of view, because her idiocy infects everything it touches, like some kind of zombie editorial. Jennifer Rubin is so monumentally racist and cretinous that only a fatuous, asinine dimwit could consider her scribbling a good jumping off point… Oh, wait.

So, please, Mittens, do adopt the ideas so generously farted out provided by insane asylum escapee Doug Ross, it’ll be just swell for your campaign!


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Is getting a book signed a fundamental political right?

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/06/2012

No? Then shut the fuck up, you fucking idiot.

ETA: Same goes for you, Glenn, you cretinous fuck knuckle – attending a speech is not a Constitutionally-protected right.

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Posted by That Other Mike on 23/10/2011

Exhibit A: This pile of shite.

There are no words I can use to adequately describe the vacuous, reaching idiocy of attempting to make a hashtag (#) symbol into a swastika=equivalent, so I won’t even attempt it. Nor will I attempt to describe exactly how stupid the slimy, incoherent attempts at post hoc justification are. Furthermore, neither will I even look at the faintest possibility of engaging with this cretin, whose hypocritical, smug idiocy prompted the PJM post.

In fact, all I’m really going to say is that you can always depend on a wingnut to self-Godwin at some point or another; so much so that I’m going to introduce it as Mike’s Second Corrollary to Godwin’s Law – in any blog post or discussion thread involving a right-winger looking at pictures of any non-wingnut, the probability that an unrelated symbol will be compared to a swastika approaches 1.


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Stupid Wingnuts Are Stupid

Posted by That Other Mike on 14/09/2011

Short Thomas Lifson, The American Stinker, What is Michelle Obama saying during the 9/11 flag ceremony?
I, for one, will not let the fact that I have no training in lip-reading stop me from making pointless and baseless speculations about Michelle Obama, because let’s face it, that bitch must hate the flag, amirite?

Thomas Lifson, I hereby revoke your licence to be human, due to your obviously being some species of non-sentient life. Someone will be along later to remove your opposable thumbs and reclassify you as a form of algae.

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