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Wingnuts defending John Derbyshire? Say it isn’t so!

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2012

So, I was going to comment on John Derbyshire’s recent virulently racist screed in Taki Mag and subsequent firing from Wingnut Welfare Magazine The National Review, but, to be frank, others have done it better and with more flair, such as Roy Edroso.

Roy also goes on to skewer the hordes of wingnut bloggers rushing to defend Derbyshire’s racist rant and tell us how the Leftists and Blacks are the Real Racists™ because plantations and crime and niggers should get jobs already, or something; they’re not totally coherent, as is often the case with their ilk.

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Stupid article, or stupidest article?

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/12/2011

I was going to comment extensively on this phenomenally stupid article at the American Stinker, but S,N! already has it covered, and I’m suffering a cold, so I won’t.

All I can think to add is that, even after years of reading stupid articles by inarticulate morons looking to hit every talking point given by their wingnut masters, I can still be surprised by the depths that can be plumbed by our rightwing press.

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Posted by That Other Mike on 16/12/2011

Every day, I think to myself, “This is it. Wingnuts have actually reached the bottom of human intelligence. There is literally nowhere lower for them to go!”

And then I read something like this, and I realise that, actually, there are miles and miles of stupidity for wingnuts to tunnel through yet. I really must stop having so high an opinion of them, and just realise that, actually, they’re not rational, that they’re not interested in what’s true or correct or best for the country; no, wingnuts like the cretinous operator of America’s Reactionary Conservative News are just interested in scoring cheap points and promoting their own political views, no matter how stupid they may be.

For the record, just for the wingnut loons over at that fake news site, the DoJ investigation of Joe “America’s Most Fascistic Sheriff” Arpaio date back to 2008, before the President was even elected. Then again, when was the last time a wingnut was interested in the facts?

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The stupidity of wingnuts – abortion edition

Posted by That Other Mike on 16/12/2011

The stupidity of wingnuts never ceases to amaze me — for a group of people who seem so ready to castigate centrists and leftists as emotionally-led, over-empathetic, bleeding hearts, they do love to push some idiotic and lookatthefoetushowcute laws when it comes to abortion, not a single one of which has any foundation but emotion, whether it’s misplaced paternalism or jesus-pleasin’.

It just so profoundly illustrates something I’ve mentioned before — the American Right has elevated idiocy to an art form and an article of veneration. Even worse, though, is that they have also somehow managed to convince themselves that their particular brand of stupid is actually wise and clever; remember how the Palinistas tried to market her as some kind of canny operator, full of homespun wisdom? Yeah, exactly, and just like with Palin, they will fail every time.

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Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more cretinous…

Posted by That Other Mike on 15/10/2011

Outhouse and Hindrocket surprise us yet again, with some more idiocy.

The always-stupid Hindrocket posts a video from the wingnut Emergency Committee for Israel which shows all of three people displaying anti-Semitic views, which Althouse seizes upon with her usual moronic disregard for facts, context, or ethical standards; if any further proof were needed that Althouse is a shitty excuse for a blogger, she links approvingly to Powerline, thus triggering Mike’s Second Law:

The thinking of anyone who takes Jim Hoft even slightly seriously can be disregarded without any further explanation

Jim Hoft, as usual, does his nyahnyahnyah dance, attempting to downplay the pervasive and inescapable evidence of Tea Party racism by the good old dodge of “Nuh-uh, they do it too!”

The long and the short of it is that any large group will contain cretins and bigots; the real measure, however, is whether said cretins and bigots constitute a majority or a powerful influence. It’s pretty clear that a small handful of people of people cherrypicked for shock value doesn’t meet that measure; it’s equally clear that the Tea Party movement is not only tinged with racism, but wallowing in it.

The fact that Althouse, Hindrocket, Hoft, et al are attempting to create an anti-Semitism meme to attach to Occupy Wall Street pretty clearly delineates where their priorities lie, as if we didn’t know already – protect the white supremacist Teabaggers, protect the rich from having to pay their fair share, and let the bankers shit all over the poor and the middle class while they pick America’s pocket.

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Rightbloggers on the Death of Osama Bin Laden: Eh, No Big Whoop. Thanks, President Bush!

Posted by That Other Mike on 02/05/2011

Roy Edroso has a great round-up of the initial reactions from the wingnutosphere to the Big News.

Go and read it, it’s rather telling. It certainly gives a glimpse into the tortured tribalism of the wingnut mind – everything bad is Obama, everything good is Republican.

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