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Jim Hoft is still a moron

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/06/2012

Jim Hoft is still a moron who can’t understand simple English and makes up dishonest headlines.

A few notes:

  • 100th, Jim. That means he played 100 total, not 100 that day, you pseudo-Albinoid cretin. That is probably fewer than most Presidents at this point in their first term (although if that’s incorrect, I’m happy to be corrected).
  • “I won’t rest until X is achieved!” is only taken literally by idiots (like you), partisan hacks (like you), or people who don’t understand simple English (like you). Hey, Jim, you made the trifecta. Your mother must be so proud of you.

Yeesh. I wish the right wing had a credible, sane voice representing them, instead of morons like Jim Hoft. It would make things much more bearable.

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Really, Wingnuts? Really? Or, How being a rightwing pundit is a lobotomy without surgery

Posted by That Other Mike on 13/11/2011

Wingnut blogs and their associated flying monkey commenters have been painting the President as the Grinch these last couple of weeks, having gotten their collective panties in a bunch over a “Christmas Tree Tax” – the Federal government is applying a 15¢ charge on all purchases of live Christmas trees.

The general tone has been: Aaaiee! The horror! It’s like the holocaust or something! Oh noes, Christians are only one step away from the ovens! Help us Santa Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!

The usual cretins have been involved, such as Drudge, Fox “News”, the National Review, the contemptible Heritage Foundation and the ever moronic Jim Hoft, who as is his wont does little more than ring the bell and run off giggling for us to find a flaming bag of someone else’s poop blog post. They and their ilk are painting it as the evil Feds trying to destroy Christmas or destroy businesses or bring on the anti-Christ or Marxism or whatever drooling idiocy they think this week.

As usual, it’s a tissue of lies from start to finish. The program is rooted in a proposal which was originally put together during the Bush Administration by the National Christmas Tree Association, as a response to declining sales of live trees. It is not a new tax imposed willy-nilly by the Obama Administration but a check off fee; under the terms of the operable law, a charge can be levied on all producers of a certain product to provide services to promote the growth of their businesses, such as advertising programs (such as Got Milk? and similar), feasibility studies and so on.

That’s right, the program was not imposed as some kind of anti-Christian punishment, or to promote Marxism at Christmas time – it was started at the request of Christmas tree growers so they could strengthen their businesses and sell more trees.

In other words, it’s just about as capitalist as you could want; it’s voluntary and benefits a business sector by promoting it.

The charge of it being anti-Christian is all so much loose stool water as well; aside from it being more of the same crypto-racist Hurr durr Obama’s a sekrit mooslim!, it fails the smell test in that it’s helping sell fucking Christmas trees! The only way it could be less anti-Christmas is if the Feds starting giving away tiny plastic Jesus figures with every purchase.

In short, the whole thing is a storm in a teacup, ginned up by ethically-challenged wingnuts to score cheap political points with their frothing-at-the-mouth readers. I’d castigate them for their poor journalism, but let’s be honest – none of these people are really journalists or committed to actual reporting; they’re bombthrowers dedicated to pushing a far-right agenda, and should be treated with all the contempt and disdain that this implies.

(h/t to Media Matters)

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Yet more evidence that birtherism rots your brain

Posted by That Other Mike on 23/09/2011

Exhibit A: This bucket of loose stool water, written by Joizy-based Mario “The Putzo” Appuzo, notorious ambulance chaser and infrequent contributor to the pit of slime known as the Pest & E-Fail, home of hobby-seditionist and professional harp-wrangler Sharon Rondeau.

This pail of arse gravy is being pimped by his Renfield, former Lieutenant Commander Charles Kerchner (obviously still butthurt over the fact that his noxious lawsuit was so casually dismissed by the Supremes). And it is the same unfounded nonsense that Mario has been squeezing out ever since he decided to squat down and drop a dookie on more than 200 years of law and precedent.

Mario, here’s the thing – repeating the same lie a thousand times does not magically make it true. You might want to clue Igor into that. Arguing contra legem is not an effective way to prove your case, even if done ad nauseam.

So, the question arises, a birther’s dilemma, if you will: Is Mario simply a shyster or a lunatic?

If he sincerely believes what he’s pushing, not only is he on the wrong side of two centuries of American case law and centuries more of common law before it, but also flatly in denial of those same things, flatly in denial of reality itself – in sum, if he believes exactly what he says, he is a lunatic.

On the other side of things, if he is simply pushing an unscrupulous agenda to con money out of cretins and birthers (but I repeat myself) like Kerchner by lying about what he knows to be true, he could very well be called a shyster.

So, which is it, Mario – crazy or con artist?

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DADT Officially Over

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/09/2011

With Tuesday’s repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, gays and lesbians are now free to serve openly in the U.S. armed services.

The U.S. military has spent months preparing for the repeal, updating regulations and training to reflect the impending change, and the Pentagon has already begun accepting applications from openly gay men and women.

The historic shift follows years of battle and debate over the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, also referred to as “DADT.” When it was signed by President Clinton in 1993, the policy was hailed by proponents for extending protection to gays and lesbians serving their country. Under the law, commanders were not allowed to ask about someone’s sexual orientation, and gays and lesbians were expected to keep their orientation under wraps.

But as gays and lesbians continued to fight for equal rights in other areas of society, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy grew to become a painful reminder that those in the military still had to hide their sexual orientation. Moreover, gays and lesbians who were open about their sexual orientation — or who were outed — faced punishment and expulsion.

Such punishments and expulsions will now stop. And the repeal ends any pending investigations or inquiries.

The original drive to lift the ban, and later the DADT policy, pitted those fighting to recognize the service of gay servicemen and women against those who feared it would disrupt the service’s sense of order and undermine critical military relationships.

President Obama signed the law that repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell” and officially certified this summer that it would not diminish military readiness. But plenty of opposition still remains.”It’s a tragic day for America,” said Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council.

While gays and lesbians can now serve openly, there are still limits: All servicemen and women — regardless of sexual orientation — must continue to abide by strict standards of personal conduct, such as those pertaining to public displays of affection.

Navy Lt. Gary Ross celebrated the appeal by marrying his longtime partner in Vermont at midnight Monday — the exact moment of the repeal. Ross told the Associated Press that when he returns to work as a surface warfare officer at Ft. Huachuca in Arizona near the Mexican border, he does not plan to make a big deal about the marriage. But he no longer has to keep it a secret either.

The old system “requires you to lie several times a day,” he said.

LA Times

It’s about time, and I, for one, eagerly await our homosexual overlords.

In all seriousness, though, over the next couple of weeks, expect the following:

  1. Rightwing chicken littles will be pouncing on every opportunity to discredit gay and lesbian soldiers, whether it’s by the same generalised unpleasantness they always employ when it comes to GLBT rights, or by pointing out individuals who happen to be gay and who have done something wrong as how it was all a big mistake.
  2. Firebaggers will continue to act as if it just wasn’t enough, and will continue to try to paint Obama as a man unfriendly to the GLBT community

See also.

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Hehe. Funny.

Posted by That Other Mike on 12/05/2011

Via RumpRoast.

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No, President Obama Didn’t Have A Flag Removed From Ground Zero

Posted by That Other Mike on 07/05/2011

From Media Matters: No, President Obama Didn’t Have A Flag Removed From Ground Zero.

What an extraordinarily unpleasant lot right-wing bloggers are. You’ll also note that even when they did issue retractions or make corrections instead of simply deleting the posts and pretending they never existed, they blamed Obama for their own stupidity, knee-jerk reactions and general dickishness. Stay classy, wingnuts.

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An Open Letter to Greg Goss

Posted by That Other Mike on 22/05/2010

Dear Greg,

The answer to your question is “No”. You and Lakin are ignorant tools who don’t understand the law or the Constitution you seem to fetishize.

I’ll be clearer and break it down for you.

The Constitution specifies that only a natural-born citizen can be President. Every particle and iota of law relating to the subject states that a natural-born subject is one born a citizen. Pursuant to his valid Hawaii birth certificate, the President is a natural-born citizen.

The offence that Lakin is charged with if failure to report for movement. This order and its subsequent disobedience don’t relate to President Obama’s birthplace, so even if discovery could be ordered, it wouldn’t cover Obama’s birth certificate. Furthermore, even if Obama somehow were proved ineligible for the Presidency and Congress ordered his removal, Lakin would still be charged, because he failed to obey a valid order – not only is Obama not in his chain of command which gave the order, he’d also be a de facto officer – meaning that any official acts done by someone later found to be ineligible for an elected or appointed post remain in force. This doctrine is in place precisely to counter the kind of idiocy that Lakin is engaging in and which you are encouraging.

In short, you and Lakin both qualify for the title of ignoramus, and both of you should STFU before you embarrass yourselves any further.


P.S. Your commenters are fairly dumb too, although I’m not surprised; they’d have to be to agree with you.

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A short burst of aarrgh

Posted by That Other Mike on 21/03/2010

Following a comment I left on a blog elsewhere, I’m dragging myself out of my quiescent blogging state to throw a quick post down about the whole screaming over the so-called Slaughter Solution. Because I’m in that kind of mood, I’m going to throw reconciliation into the mix.

Before I start, though, I should point out that the blog I linked to in the first sentence is run by a guy who respects the right of others to hold opinions in opposition to his own, a rare quality in the modern American political sphere; this post is not directed at him, even if he is a little ornery about it… 😉

To everyone else screaming loudly that these measures will be the death of the democratic process in America – shut the fuck up already. It irks me that I have to be so blunt, but, well, sometimes that’s what you have to do.

The self-executing rule, otherwise known as deem and pass, has been in use since the 1930s, and has been relatively uncontroversial since that time, at least in the sense that it has been used broadly by both major parties when in power, and that court cases at the Federal District level have upheld it as a valid procedure.

In a stunning example of hypocrisy, though, many on the right are decrying the use of the rule and claiming it as some kind of new procedure invented by Democrats to cheat the legislative process. My only response is to ask, where were you the last year the Republicans controlled Congress, when the self-executing rule was used 35 times?

The same issue applies to the screeching and flapping over reconciliation. Budgetary reconciliation has been used umpteen times in Congresses controlled by Republicans and Democrats alike, with little or no fuss, and is established as a fully viable, Constitutional procedure – and yet here we are, with the right wing kicking up a whole mess of stupidity over the subject. And again, I ask, where were you when reconciliation was used to pass the massive and economically-debilitating tax cuts which are partly responsible for the current train wreck economy?

There’s a good argument to be made that the requirement of 60 votes for cloture in the Senate is an impediment to the smooth running of that chamber, that it makes for bad lawmaking and that it is not in the spirit of the Constitution’s allowance of each chamber to make its own rules; if I actually believed original intent were in fact a viable and non-risible means of Constitutional interpretation, I might run with it. As I don’t, I won’t. As it stands, though, the rules allow for a straight majority vote in the reconciliation process to allow budgetary bills to pass. Don’t like it? Tough – them’s the rules, and it’s Constitutionally allowed. Don’t piss and moan over it if you don’t like it – exercise your vote and tell your future Senators that you want a change to the rules.

I find it difficult to take seriously the idea that these purported defenders of the Constitution are somehow heroes of democracy and freedom and apple pie and non-aborted foetuses and flags and all that crap when they seem so ill-informed on the subject. You don’t get to claim the mantle of guardian of Constitutional liberties when you don’t know shit about it.

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An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman

Posted by That Other Mike on 28/10/2009

Dear Joe:

Just join the fucking Republican Party already.



P.S. Fuck you, you opportunistic, immoral douchebag.

P.P.S. While I still think Gore was robbed in Florida, the fact that you never ended up as Veep almost makes up for it. You’re Connecticut’s version of Sarah Palin.

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Le stupid! Il brûle!

Posted by That Other Mike on 25/01/2009

So, a few posts back, I spanked someone going by the name of Interested Bystander regarding his conspicuous display of teh stupid about Obama’s citizenship on a conspiracy nut blog called James4America. You can read my snark over here. It are teh funneez.

Well, it seems that IB returned in the meantime, not having satisfied his urge to be bent over and have his bottom reddened, and spewed a whole new deluge of nonsense in response. Apparently, he thought I was just too, too beastly to him, and decided to climb on his high horse attempt to take the moral high ground, by refusing to come over here and play. I, of course, having no self-control when it comes to nom-ing on the tiny living brains of wingnuts, just had to dip in again and give him another dose of the public humiliation he so strongly desires, the naughty little boy.
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