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Posted by That Other Mike on 10/04/2008

It’s been a while since we had one of these, and I just found this one the other day, and the craziness just leapt out at me like a giant… Uh… *searches for simile* Like a giant rabid badger in search of a cheeseburger. That’s how looney the blog is — I had to come up with the most insane simile ever to describe it.

Our internutter for this post is Disinter, who operates a blog which is just a grab bag of craziness. He1 is apparently nuttier than squirrel shit: it’s like the guy is going through a a bingo card of right-wing conspiracies and talking points. I assume he gets to shout out, “BINGO!” on a regular basis.
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Fidel quits, part II

Posted by That Other Mike on 20/02/2008

OK. More nuanced analysis (slightly) regarding Castro’s decision not to seek a further term as President of Council of State from the National Assembly of People’s Power.

My earlier post regarding it as the last act of the Cold War is perhaps an exaggerration, but it’s not far off it; aside from Cuba, North Korea is maybe the last remaining bastion of Cold War ideology. Even the USA, widely touted as the “victor”, has undergone something of a sea change in recent years regarding its ideology.

Castro’s decision to leave is not unexpected; he’s been in poor health for some time now, and rumours have been flying like… flies. Nor is his decision to hand power to his brother unexpected – Raúl Castro was involved in the Cuban revolution from the beginning, and assumed his brother’s powers in 2006.

The question is: what will be the upshot of this?

The answer is: we don’t really know.

Raúl Castro has always been something of a background figure during his brother’s Presidency; while some reports have him as influential in financial policy and other areas, he has remained largely out of the public eye during the interregnal period. His political views remain largely a mystery, although some commentators (who might perhaps be described as less than neutral – yes, that means you, WSJ editorial team) have claimed that he has engaged in persecution of certain political dissidents and gay Cubans. Whether this is true or not is not for me to say – while Fidel Castro has been known to act harshly towards political dissidents, his detractors aren’t exactly known for their truthfulness, either.

In speeches, Raúl has said that Fidel is “irreplaceable” and that a Communist system would remain in Cuba, no matter what. There are hints of his being a pragmatist, which could be the end of the blockade, should he allow a relaxation of Cuba’s hardline Communism.

This leaves me with mixed feelings, to be honest – while a detente between Cuban Communism and capitalism might well result in Cuba as a whole becoming richer, it is likely to follow the usual pattern. That is, a few people will become very rich and the rest will not see a great deal of positive improvement, although I hope that I am proved wrong in hte event of a relaxation.

On the other hand, it might well be more of the same – there are a number of countries in Latin America now which, while not Communist, are governed by sympathetic regimes. One of these being Venezuela, of course.

All of this is so much speculation, though, given how little we know about Raúl Castro at present. He may be a hardliner, determined to remain on the same course as his brother, or he may be a pragmatic reformer; only time will tell.

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Fidel quits

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/02/2008

Wow. Huge news. End of an era, kind of thing. In a way, his leaving will be the last event of the Cold War.

More nuanced analysis later, when I’m home.

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Atheism for Beginners

Posted by That Other Mike on 01/12/2007

A short primer for people who want to know more.
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Christian Communism

Posted by That Other Mike on 25/11/2007

This is from a comments thread elsewhere. I just thought it bore mentioning, out of interest.

Militant atheism is a doctrinally essential driving force behind the modern communism that has killed many millions in my lifetime. You may not like it, but it is so.

*sigh* No, it isn’t, as much you’d like it to be. The Soviets, Chinese etc weren’t killing people because they were religious or because they refused to “accept the truth of Atheism” or whatever; they killed them in the name of their pretend Communism, which was incidentally Atheist. There can be and have been many varieties of Christian Communists, even to this day; I refer you to Acts Ch. 2, v. 42-45, and Ch. 4, v. 32-27; as well as the True Levellers (aka, the Diggers) founded by Gerard Winstanley; the Mormon community under Brigham Young in Orderville; the League of the Just in Europe during the 1840s; the statement by the French Bishop Pierre Théas that “[t]he revolution must succeed, but it can succeed only if the Church enters the fray, bringing the Gospel. After being liberated from Nazi dictatorship, we want to liberate the working class from capitalist slavery”; Liberation Theology; and the Icarian movement in 19thC France.

One can also draw on various Gospel quotations to support Christian Communism.

In short, Communism is not Atheism, and vice versa.

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