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Jim Hoft is still a moron

Posted by That Other Mike on 19/06/2012

Jim Hoft is still a moron who can’t understand simple English and makes up dishonest headlines.

A few notes:

  • 100th, Jim. That means he played 100 total, not 100 that day, you pseudo-Albinoid cretin. That is probably fewer than most Presidents at this point in their first term (although if that’s incorrect, I’m happy to be corrected).
  • “I won’t rest until X is achieved!” is only taken literally by idiots (like you), partisan hacks (like you), or people who don’t understand simple English (like you). Hey, Jim, you made the trifecta. Your mother must be so proud of you.

Yeesh. I wish the right wing had a credible, sane voice representing them, instead of morons like Jim Hoft. It would make things much more bearable.

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Wingnuts defending John Derbyshire? Say it isn’t so!

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2012

So, I was going to comment on John Derbyshire’s recent virulently racist screed in Taki Mag and subsequent firing from Wingnut Welfare Magazine The National Review, but, to be frank, others have done it better and with more flair, such as Roy Edroso.

Roy also goes on to skewer the hordes of wingnut bloggers rushing to defend Derbyshire’s racist rant and tell us how the Leftists and Blacks are the Real Racists™ because plantations and crime and niggers should get jobs already, or something; they’re not totally coherent, as is often the case with their ilk.

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Actually, that’s bullshit

Posted by That Other Mike on 30/04/2011

Tarpon and many other birthers think that Natual-born Citizen means born to two citizen parents. This, birther folk, is bulshit; it’s something that Leo Donofrio created out of thin air a couple of years ago, based on a mistranslation of Vattel and a misapprehension of Vattel’s relative importance.

Natural-born has always meant a citizen from birth. Nothing more, nothing less; it’s not some kind of super citizen category. Your frightened little appeals to emotion about the children of foreign dictators and terrorists are simply a cloak to conceal a hefty dollop of racism and xenophobia.

This is the problem with the internet; on the one hand, it’s great because it allows everyone a voice, but on the other, it’s atrocious because it allows everyone a voice. It does nobody any good if you use your freedom of speech to tell lies and show how ignorant you are.

ETA: You can add this joker as well.

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Birthers – still racist morons

Posted by That Other Mike on 27/04/2011

As predicted, following the release of certified copies of the President’s so-called long form birth certificate, the idiots have moved the goalposts.

This is why I think this was an unwise move on the part of the White House. The birthers don’t care about evidence; if they did, the birth certificate released in 2008 would’ve made them shut up and go away.

What the birthers care about is getting the Black guy out of the White House, and every piece of evidence presented to them will simply result in a new demand – witness the idiocy of Larry Wells, as linked above. Shown evidence of the so-called long form, without pause he then demands the President’s school records, as if that had any bearing on his fitness or eligibility to the office.

That’s why the claims of simply being defenders of the Constitution ring hollow; why the cries that releasing the original documentation would be enough sounded so false.

Nothing will ever be enough, because the birthers have made their minds up – they think Barack Obama is not a legitimate President because he’s Black, and they will go to any lengths to hold onto that.

ETA: Cogent analysis at the OC from Dr C as well.

ETA: Andrew Sullivan forfeits the last, tiniest iota of credibility he had on making cogent political analysis at the Daily Beast by putting on his clown shoes and splashing about in the eligibility muck. Enjoy your red nose, Andy.

ETA: Visit Rumproast for some snark on it. And be their fans, also, too; they’re actually all very nice, and the whole snarling and teeth showing is just an act. Except for Kevin, who consumes puppies on a daily basis.

ETA: See also Patrick’s take on it. As usual, some quality writing and analysis; if you’re not already a fan of Bad Fiction, you should be.

ETA: Further news via the BBC. Worldclass douchecanoe and fuckhead extraordinaire Joseph Farah of WingNutDaily infamy weighs in as his mealticket starts to crumble:

It remains unclear whether the release of the birth certificate will satisfy the most hard-core birthers.

Joseph Farah, chief executive of birther-orientated website, said on the site the document “raises as many questions as it answers”.

“It is important to remember there are still dozens of other questions concerning this question of eligibility… concerning Barack Obama’s parentage, his adoption, his citizenship status throughout his life and why he continues to cultivate a culture of secrecy around his life,” he said.

Well, you would say that, Joe. You’ve been making a living off being a liar about this for a couple of years now; why would additional evidence stop you? What a piece of work you are, you obnoxious little fuck-knuckle.

ETA: The President’s address on the subject below the jump. He just ripped the birthers a new one; essentially the content is “Grow the fuck up, you stupid, silly children. When you’re ready to be grown-ups, you can find us sitting at the adults’ table, trying to solve some real problems.”

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American racial politics – very fucked up

Posted by That Other Mike on 09/04/2011

See the title of this post.

Jeez. I’m not going to claim that the UK is some kind of bastion of racial harmony across the board, or that we all link hands and sing “Ivory and Ebony” during our weekly Appreciate-A-Minority meetings, because that’s not true. We certainly have problems around race, religion and ethnicity; some very bad ones, in fact.

That said, American racial politics is pretty messed up. FWIW, I think everyone involved in this is kind of being dickish to each other. Joan Walsh was hamfisted and insensitive, but she’s not being actively evil either.

In short, the whole thing is a big clusterfuck. The whole B-J commentariat’s habit of engaging in dialogue only to the extent of calling each other fuckheads is getting a bit silly, too.

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Mighty White of You!

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/09/2009

Ok, it might seem like I’m picking on BlartBlartHollywood here, and that’s because I am.

Shorter Michael McGoober, True Colors: A Race Discussion With Isaiah Washington:
In race relations, it’s the negroes who are racist. A Black guy was kinda sorta mean to me, and it’s racism! When will the boot of the Black Man be off the neck of the poor, misunderstood Aryan?

The comments are especially nasty:

I’m a taxicab driver in the ghettos of Philadelphia and I’m sick and tired of all of this “racists” talk.

I see how these people live. I see how these people act. Enough already. They have lost all credibility in my opinion due to their behavior.

OK, racism aside, who says “taxicab”? And Kirk, why? You could’ve been driving a taxicab among the stars, getting it on with hot green alien women! Why leave all that for a life as a wingnut?

Emulate Wellington: “Publish and be damned.” So your ancestors were slaves? Get over it. Grow up and stop whining. My give-a-damn is broken.

We were good enough to free your ancestors from slavery, eventually. What else do you want, boy?

On the subject of history, does it matter to any of these knuckleheads that Barack Obama has absolutely no genetic connection to American slavery (except possibly on his white mother’s side)? As the descendant of an East African Muslim tribesman, he has no more connection to the West African Animist blacks who were brought over here as slaves, than I have to the Norwegians because my ancestors came from Italy.

Which means Obama isn’t Black, not one bit, nuh-uh, no how.

I had this very conversation with a black friend of mine. She was ranting and raving about slavery and how terrible it was (I agreed) and how it was responsible for the terrible place blacks were in today (I disagreed) I went into a long detailed explanation that included welfare and the cycle of poverty and I’m sure it sounded like yada yada yada to her until I asked a simple question. If your great great great …however many great grandparents had not been brought to this country as slaves….where would you be living now? Would you be in America working two jobs while you finish college or would you be living in Darfur running from rape squads and feeding your children ants and mud? Perhaps you should thank whoever it is that you thank that your ancestors endured what they did, and that people fought to see that you could be free…and stop your whining. Conversation over.

Yeah! Why aren’t you grateful that your ancestors were slaves? It means you get to be American! You should be thanking us for slavery and Jim Crow – at least you get to be here!

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Not Pumas, But Weasels

Posted by That Other Mike on 03/11/2008

I was feeling fairly well-disposed towards the world lately, but I’ve recently seem some things which have made me rather angry generally.

Specifically, PUMAs. Not the big cats, although I have my own beef with enormous felines (to whit: they want to eat me alive), but the disgruntled supporters of Hillary Clinton; the acronym is variously said to stand for People United Means Action or Party Unity My Ass.

Their initial claim was that because of the various electoral shenanigans and irregularities taking place in the Florida and Michigan primaries, HC had been done out of what was rightfully hers, and that she was unfairly robbed of the nomination. Robbed, I tells ya!
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Johnson’s Election

Posted by That Other Mike on 05/05/2008

Well, they did it. Boris Johnson is now London Mayor.1 I’m aware that this comes a few days after the actual event; I do have a life, people.
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Wednesday Round-Up of Interestingness

Posted by That Other Mike on 16/04/2008

From around teh webz, I have some interestingness to showcase. The choice of day is entirely arbitary, like that for most round-ups. Read the rest of this entry »

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