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Similar small dilemmas

Posted by That Other Mike on 11/06/2012

These are not huge problems I’m thinking about here, just a few thoughts.

  1. Occasionally I read something that makes a lot of sense on a blog which is otherwise crazypants, like this, and I don’t know how to react; on the one hand, I want to encourage people who are making sense, but I don’t want to encourage the crazy.
  2. Sometimes I get likes and followers, which is nice. I’m under no illusions about the reach and readership of this place, it’s just a way for me to sometimes say stuff which I want to say. It’s not a big blog, and I don’t mind that. Anyway, sometimes I get likes and followers, and I check out their blogs, and they are people who are otherwise nice but whose views I oppose very strongly. It’s nice to get followers, but do I just overlook this dissonance?

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